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The stylish commencement of Mr. Gentry opens with a telling tale of hearty practice in mens style thinking. Mr. Gentry is the anonymous name used to bring style musings and insider observations from the working world of our industry to the outside net. Defined as being "the condition or rank of a gentleman", my interpretation is a classically style minded man with a urban interest of dress who pursues the Gentry Style. Mr. Gentry is not just about things being in the "Now", this is simply because by the time I have finished typing the word now its too late, now is already then.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Gentry Quick Fix - 3 Best In Show Rings!

This weeks Gentry Quick Fix focuses around the humble ring and arrives in 3 different forms to suit most peoples taste,  up first...

1. Maison Martin Margiela Ring (pictured above)
A more statement focused style, the Margiela ‘tin foil’ finish ring is made from silver coloured brass and is one of the key effect for Margiela’s s/s10 accessories.

Priced at £119.00
Available from

2. Chronicles Of Never Signet Ring
The Chronicles Of Never chunky signet ring is the perfect day-to-evening transition piece. It arrives in a black lacquered sterling silver metal and has a brushed/aged detail. Perfect. Simple.

Priced at £195.00 
Available from

3. Odeur Special Edition Triangle Ring 
Made exclusively for Oki-ni, this triangle shaped ring is an unconventional style piece which only some will appreciate. If that someone is you (and indeed myself too) then be quick to snap one up before they sell out.

Priced at 109.00 

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Up Rising Sleeves!

During the hot summer of '77, cap sleeved T-shirts were tough punk symbols of nonconformity - the flashing of biceps marked out a man not to be messed with.

However, with more masculine trends seeping through from the runway, the new macho stance of baring arms to all are abound once more and to save you valuable time trawling around for the key pieces of armless delights, i've selected the most notable, vastly updated "Sid Vicious" style pieces seen across the Spring Summer collections at GUCCI, Lanvin, TIM SOAR, Trussardi, Calvin Klein Collection and Givenchy; all of which should make you proud to poke your arms through... however puny they are!


Calvin Klein Collection




Spring Has Sprung!

The sun is shining folks and the ever present grey clouds are fast becoming a distant memory. I have noticed a new spring in my step as we enter a new season and it is time to shed off the protective outerwear shell and reveal a little flesh while wearing lighter, more seasonal friendly layers and adding colour to our lives once more!  I have outlined  a tiny selection of spring essentials to point you in the right direction for the arrival of Spring.

As time is a-ticking lets start with exposing my contradicting beliefs of eco-friendly sustainability and consumerism. Every once in a while there is nothing wrong with what I call a “summer rental” -  and at £50, courtesy of, these Time Teller P’s from Nixon definitely fit the bill. Simplistic design,  I love that every bit of the watch is the exact same color and does not need to scream for attention. Understated good. Try hard bad. and these definitely fall in the former bracket.

Moving up from the wrist, and keeping a clean crisp spring look, i suggest a visit to the denim and chambray section of dressing, where the good people at Full Circle, who have just launched their new site and denim campaign, have a vast selection of denim apparel in every shade imaginable! Add to this an exclusive 10% discount code for Mr. Gentry readers for any online purchase in the next 3 weeks and you are set. Just log on to and enter mrgentry10 at the check out. If you want to make a more confident nod towards the denim, l would urge you to embrace the full 'DoubleDenim' ensemble! (pictured above and below -denim blazer is £100 and the jeans are £90). 

Now, even though its spring its also time to be realistic. Unless your reading this post in Miami, LA, Australia or any coast line with an average temperature of more than 15 degrees, most of us can not get to carried away with how lightly we dress. To this end one of the most stand up British brands around, Universal Works, have provided the spring season with a great light weight Chambray "Baker" jacket, which shall see you through the summer months and into early autumn (priced at £99.00 from

Taking a look at spring footwear i came across a whole new direction from Havaiana's (known for their ridiculously comfortable flip-flops). Launching in May exclusively to Harrods London, the SOUL collection includes high tops, lo tops and even espadrilles! I'm not quite ready to advocate an espadrille appearence on your feet in the latter stages of March, so have instead opted for the suggested high tops. Colour favorites are in Blue and a burnished red/navy mix - the High Tops retail at £40 and the Low Tops- £44.

Lastly - it would be a crime to deny yourself a new season accessory - so hop along to ASOS for a low-key holdall in cream cotton from Paul Smith Jeans, (priced at £81.00 from

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Kurt Geiger "reboots" Sebago’s Dockside

Boat or deck shoes have been on trend for the last few seasons and their ship shows no sign of sailing anytime soon. However, fashionable landlubbers have generally been restricted to wearing them in calm conditions. 

Thankfully Kurt Geiger has collaborated with American brand Sebago of New England on an ankle-high "boat boot" version of the latter's classic Dockside. Named Manitou after JFK's yacht, it's perfect for navigating the choppy style waters of the spring/summer transition period here in rainy old England. Put Vampire Weekend's Contra on your iPod and pretend that it's a sunny day in Cape Cod.

Priced at £130

Available at

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Madonna On Your Face

Questionable phrase to introduce this post but not totally misleading... The first summer rays of 2010 have been teasing their way through my window this week and so i thought it was time to bring you the latest from the world of designer sunglasses.

The big news is that trend-setter Madonna is putting her commerical weight (and tiny name tag) behind a new Dolce & Gabbana range that will go on sale this May – giving you a handy new option should there be a special birthday coming up.
The collection incorporates a distinctive letter ‘M’ (that will be for Madonna) on the arm and will retail for around £120. It’s the first co-branding venture Madge and the designer range have embarked on to date.

Look out for the advertising images for the MDGs that have been shot by Steven Klein in ‘fim noir’ style and starring – you guessed it – pop star and businesswoman, Madonna. Now all we need is for the sun to come out again...

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Gentry Quick Fix - Fred Perry x Raleigh Bike

Fred Perry will soon be opening their new online store as part of  To celebrate the launch, they have gotten together with Raleigh to produce a limited edition bike. It comes in a classic English racing green colorway and a Brooks leather saddle. 

The bike drops along with the new online store on March 30th.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

YMC Navajo Style Knitwear

Navajo, or Dine as they call themselves, is the largest tribe of North American Indians, and by the looks of things they must have a inspiring style icon amongst them somewhere which has been aptly spotted by the clever design collective over at YMC.

The British brand have taken a classic Navajo style chunky knit cardigan  and added a YMC twist to ensure no criminal over-kill in design has been committed - my personal favorite knitwear piece for 2010 so far!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Great Moustache!

Gentry quick-whip for all you tea and coffee lovers  - If you’ve been too tentative to join the recent moustache renaissance, the 15 great soup strainers on this mug could provide the necessary inspiration!

Priced at £6.99,

Monday, 8 March 2010


In an era when we are inundated with more and more “stuff”, it can be hard to remember what exactly each bag, compartment, pouch and case we own is actually for, turning the original concept of the accessory – convenience – on its head. 

Natalia Brilli’s new leather range, in which the proposed contents of her items are pressed into the fa├žade of each bag, may well be the answer to this very modern dilemma. 

Friday, 5 March 2010

Making A Spectacle

A new discovery has come upon us by the name of Orgreen, a spectacle brand from Copenhagen. There’s a lot to like about it, chief among which is that it’s a design-driven company that’s as interested in the quality of manufacture as it is in styling. 

To this end the shapes, colours and mix of materials leave one in no doubt about the dedication of the three founders, who include the eponymous Henrik Orgreen, to pushing forward with a wearable but contemporary aesthetic. This, however, is balanced by the fact that equal importance is placed on the quality of manufacture.

That’s why the frames are made by hand in Japan from materials that include acetate and titanium, which makes them surprisingly comfortable and light to wear. Production of the frames involves 100 separate operations, over the course of about six months. That makes it even more gruelling than the process of choosing a pair of frames from Orgreen’s vast range.

Style featured; Chill 29, Priced at £280 - available from The Eye Company: 020 7434 0988

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Fred Perry Celebrates 100 Years

In celebration of the now 100-year-old quintessentially British brand, Oki Ni has launched a Fred Perry archive – an extensive personal collection of Fred Perry clothing and related memorabilia including a signed piece from the very first collaboration with Paul Weller, a Sixties inspired COMME des GARCONS track top and a 1964 edition of The Sunday Times, iconic for Mods the world over.