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The stylish commencement of Mr. Gentry opens with a telling tale of hearty practice in mens style thinking. Mr. Gentry is the anonymous name used to bring style musings and insider observations from the working world of our industry to the outside net. Defined as being "the condition or rank of a gentleman", my interpretation is a classically style minded man with a urban interest of dress who pursues the Gentry Style. Mr. Gentry is not just about things being in the "Now", this is simply because by the time I have finished typing the word now its too late, now is already then.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Ben Sherman Arrive On Savile Row

Ben Sherman, a brand with a rich heritage firmly placed in Mod culture (my father having been a Mod wore their shirts proudly in his youth as a young twenty something Mod) has sadly never really found a connection with my personal style in any influential way, its not a brand i have followed or would look to delve into...until they arrived on Savile Row last month in a surprise move for a high street brand.

The store, located on the latter end of the 'Row' across from Kilgour and a stones throw from Abercrombie & Fitch (another, more unexpected high street name to enter the area a few years ago to a mass of controversy), is an impressive move for the brand with equally impressive interior credentials.

Taking a visit to the store i saw how the windows are simple yet inspired to stay within the confinements of true Savile Row 'trading standards' welcoming you inside to what feels like a private gentleman's club. The walls have concealed rails behind them holding stock of the new premium collection ready-to-wear tailoring, whilst the interior space houses the specially designed accessories and vast assortment of ties and shirting. Alongside these pieces sits the crucially important made-to-measure service offered with two blocks, forming the basis of the Ben Sherman Savile Row aesthetic. These are the Kings and Camden fits, epitomising the modern day mod; slim line, clean cut and ultra sharp with subtly precise detailing ranging from the specially designed linings to the Corozo nut buttons!

The range is a testament to a well thought about move into the area where Britans suiting heritage was formed and continues to be upheld today. Further more, the prices have certainly been a celver thinking point for the brand with accessibility being achieved on many levels; with the ready-to-wear suiting being offered at £350 - £550, and the made-to-measure service priced at £850 upwards - ready in only 4-6 weeks of taking your inner leg measurements!

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Twit-Twoo Mr Gentry's Re-commencement on Twitter!

Mr Gentry has re-commenced on the social media network they call Twitter and shall be tweeting to the  masses each day with new posts and style news to the masses

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Friday, 27 November 2009

FARAH Vintage Knitted Salvation!

The reputation of the chunky shawl-collared cardigan has undergone a remarkable rehabilitation in recent years. Having once typified naff Seventies style, as worn by David Starsky in Starsky & Hutch, everyone from designer cashmere brands to high street chains is selling a version this winter.
However, knitwear is a vital component to the winter wardrobe so what better way to wear a piece than to choose a brand which can provide you with not only style but a vast heritage to back it up? Well thats exactly what FARAH Vintage have managed to do in their AW09 offering. The go-to brand of casualwear are currently celebrating their 90th Anniversary year and have a perfect selection of chunky shawl-collared cardigans in their Aw09 range, providing us with a credible outlet for this opinion dividing style choice.
The 'Fairfax' Shawl cardigan (pictured above) is aptly priced at £90

Available now from

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Tom Ford "A Single Man" Movie

With Gay Drama, Tom Ford Makes Foray Into Film!

After decades in the world of runways and reams of fabric, Tom Ford will soon release his first work in the world of film. Entitled "A Single Man" and adapted from the British novel by Christopher Isherwood, it stars Colin Firth and Julian Moore and is a pure expression of his artistry and visually creative ability. We Love!

Click link for trailer:

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Heritage & Style from PENFIELD USA

Winter time is personally my favorite time for dressing, however it can be (for some) a double edged sward of style choice nightmare. On the one side it can be months of unkind-to-clothes weather, endless trek's on public transport where your freezing one minute and hitting early male-menopause sweats the next, to having 20 pairs of shoes, boots and trainers which never seem to quite work in the style 'vs' weather saga!

On the less sharper side, its the season of a more muted colour palette, simple layering pieces, a good brogue or winter suede boot and of course the choice of winter jackets; this season seeing the return of the classic camel coat and for the weekend a more relaxed statement contained in the "Puffa" jacket.

For this we require a brand which not only has more than 5 wearable styles in its collection, but has the all important heritage needed to back up a style classic. Mr Gentry readers I welcome you meet the brand known simply as Penfield.

Established in Massachusetts in 1975, Penfield have built a reputation for making the highest quality down-filled jackets, clearly designed to stand up-to the demands of not only the founding hard weather lands of New England's climate but the ever increasing unpredictable climate demands of England itself! Made with premium 80/20 goose down (80% down, 20% feather) and naturally breathable Teflon, these jackets go a long way to help ease the winter months of uncomfortable dressing.

Available from:

Monday, 16 November 2009

The A-Z of fragrance

Luca Turin, has, with his wife and co-author Tina Sanchez, just published the paperback edition of his revered guide to perfume and aftershave. It’s not easy to explain why a book that basically just reviews hundreds of fragrances is so good, but believe me, it is.
Partly it’s because Turin and Sanchez have approached an apparently gruelling task in such a free-spirited and romantic way, and partly because it’s intriguing to look up their review of one’s own favorites.Needless to say the authors’ opinions aren’t ‘right’, anymore than a music critic’s opinion is ‘right’, but their extraordinary knowledge means that, at the very least, they explain a fragrance’s historical and olfactive context. Combined with the advice given in some essays at the front of the book about how to choose an aftershave this is both a practical guide and a charming flight of fancy.
Perfumes by Luca Turin and Tina Sanchez, £12.99 (

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Y-3 Sporting Luxury

The Y-3 Sport Luxury line has just been launched in the UK as the perfect combination of luxury and sport. Exclusive for Men, the collection called 'Sport Luxury' develops elegant accessory silhouettes to go hand in hand with exclusive, sumptuous materials. The Sport Lux line consists of a variety of shapes, featuring men's handbags and a light new version of the Messenger. The range offers trims in firm and soft, smooth leather paired with slightly cracked leather or printed wool.

The collection will be stocked at Selfridges and the Y-3 Manchester store, as well as smaller stores across the UK.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Gucci Is App'in...

Gucci aren’t the most obvious brand to be launching an iphone app but that is what they have done, getting creative director Frida Giannini and Mark Ronson to collaborate on the content. Features include a virtual turntable which allows you to mix your existing tracks, a playlist picked out by Ronson, a digest of recommended bars and restaurants in 20 cities and updates on the limited-edition collection of the Gucci/Ronson trainer project. And it’s free as well.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Danish Hide!

Despite all the inroads men’s fashion has made in recent years, a decent business-like day bag is still hard to come by. Danish bag makers Mismo recognised this fact, prompting co-founder Alexander Bach to create this canvas briefcase as an antidote to the ‘sexless and anonymous’ briefcases that permeate the workplace. Made with the same canvas used by Hermes and Louis Vuitton and full grain leather handles, there are separate compartments inside to handle your laptop, mobile and business cards.

Available from Tres Bien and Oki-Ni from mid-November