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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Heritage & Style from PENFIELD USA

Winter time is personally my favorite time for dressing, however it can be (for some) a double edged sward of style choice nightmare. On the one side it can be months of unkind-to-clothes weather, endless trek's on public transport where your freezing one minute and hitting early male-menopause sweats the next, to having 20 pairs of shoes, boots and trainers which never seem to quite work in the style 'vs' weather saga!

On the less sharper side, its the season of a more muted colour palette, simple layering pieces, a good brogue or winter suede boot and of course the choice of winter jackets; this season seeing the return of the classic camel coat and for the weekend a more relaxed statement contained in the "Puffa" jacket.

For this we require a brand which not only has more than 5 wearable styles in its collection, but has the all important heritage needed to back up a style classic. Mr Gentry readers I welcome you meet the brand known simply as Penfield.

Established in Massachusetts in 1975, Penfield have built a reputation for making the highest quality down-filled jackets, clearly designed to stand up-to the demands of not only the founding hard weather lands of New England's climate but the ever increasing unpredictable climate demands of England itself! Made with premium 80/20 goose down (80% down, 20% feather) and naturally breathable Teflon, these jackets go a long way to help ease the winter months of uncomfortable dressing.

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