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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Transport Timepieces from TRIWA

Todays rat-race of brand messaging means having a unique way of supplying a product with a voice is always a tricky task, and requires a brand to strive for 'the next level' of consumer messaging.

Welcome then, to the simplistic genius of TRIWA - the Italian based watch maker who decided to showcase their sartorially correct and colourful timepieces through the transport system of Stockholm! The hand grips in all inner city buses have been replaced with pictures of their timepieces, showcasing a variety of styles in rainbow colours suiting any day of the week! 

This promotional exercise is of course utterly useless for actually telling the time, but perfectly frustrating enough to ensure you stop off at the nearest TRIWA retail outlet to buy one!

Luckily for us the range starts from £55 and are all available online from

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