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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sperry - Re-building a classic

April is a confusing month for weather, a most un-profound statement to make i know but having mother natures movements for the week ahead thrust towards me via my morning television, i find it hard to believe we shall be faced once again with any permanent sunshine!?

However, turning the clocks back to embrace what should be Spring, i realise that the seasonal changing over of my winter wardrobe to lighter spring/summer options should not be viewed as a rushed step to far, as i am not the only one waving the flag for the warmer months, having spotted early deck shoe appearances around the feet and streets of London and now its time for a blog post announcing their arrival.

There have been a whole host of respectable options which have fallen into my inbox over the past month; from Lacoste and ASOS, classic Gucci in red and blue rubber, to a beautiful hybrid pair from Opening Ceremony, but the ones to catch my eye, if only for its 75 year heritage, arrive from Sperry Top-Sider.

The brand started when a certain Paul Sperry invented the first boat shoe in 1935 after observing his dog's ability to maintain sturdy and not "hit the deck" on the slippery surface! Mr Sperry incorporated the wave like groves found on the dog's paw which have continued to be the inspiration for the Sperry Top-Sider sole that we see today.

To celebrate, Sperry have released a limited edition 75th Anniversary collection consisting of 3 unique styles; the Double-Sole, the Seamate and CVO all reworked for 2010 and packaged in commemorative shoe boxes inspired by the original packaging.

Priced from £50
Available from 

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