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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Wheelie Good Case of Prada!

Summer travel is here, and with it the problems of appropriate and stylish luggage fall upon us. We Brits tend to stick to darker autumn tones of black, brown and tan - what ever the season - and conveniently this makes some sense for matching dress to accessories.

But this season i urge you to break with our historical style pace, which usually sees us lingering at the bottom of the colour palette pile, and invest in the holiday collection from our Italian friends at Prada.

Luggage was one of the first products retailed by the Prada family, and indeed in 1919 Miuccia Prada's grandfather, Mario Prada was appointed the Official Supplier to the Italian Royal Family, earning the right to incorporate the coat of arms and knotted insignia of the House of Savoy into the family brands trademark logo.

This collection continues the tradition with its practical sturdy construction, being excessively well made and always the covetable item. The range, including trolley cases, briefcases and holdalls, all created in saffiano; the signature Prada material which is known for its durability and consistent appearance. Available in a pantone-swatch of colours which includes; indigo, royal blue, tan, berry, chocolate, mustard, white and ruby amongst others, the collection is crafted in traditional shapes sourced from the Prada archives.

These cases are the epitome of intercontinental style and a must for any Gentry Man worth his luggage allowance.

Available now from selected Prada stores worldwide:


  1. i think prada do the best luggage around.
    my favourites are the green.

  2. LOVE the yellow cases! always wanted a super bright case but unsure how to pull it off - Prada should help!

  3. Mmm, the ones in the last pic. Yes please! What do we call those? Bowling bags???