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Friday, 9 October 2009

Nike Sportswear Holiday Capsule with Cassette Playa & Parra

Nike Sportswear has partnered with design talents Cassette Playa of London and Parra of Amsterdam (a personal favorite of mine after meeting him once on a trip to the red lighted city) challenging them to create their own sports team, the result is the Rivalry capsule collection.

Starting with an updated Air Max with speckled sole, jet-black upper and wing-tipped colour laces, this is not a style statement which all should attempt to pull off lightly - myself included, but i adore this design link-up adding new dimensions on updated collaborations from Nike HQ.

The clothing collection provides a technical artist mix of design brilliance, yet with a poke-fun attitude (see the illustration of a runner in high heels!). Both designers are helped to keep true to the Nike master plan of serious sporting wear supplyed with Nike technical spec fabrics, so quality and performance are assured whatever you decide to in these garments!

Both designers have also produced graphic Tees available in a men's and women's cut, with a classic snapback baseball cap rounding off the collection; one from each designer.

The Cassette Playa TZ Dunk, the Cassette Playa and Parra Destroyer jackets and t-shirts all launch today in Europe. The Cassette Playa and Parra Stadium jackets launch October 30th, Another great collection which shall inspire us to get into sporting style.

Available from Nike Sportswear’s 1948 space, Batemans Row, Shoreditch, London.

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