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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Studio D’Artisan 30th Anniversary

Here at Gentry Towers we just adore a celebration of heritage and pain staking yesteryear techniques of producing garments, and so i introduce to you Studio D’Artisan.  Founded in a tiny workshop in the traditional cotton weaving area of Okayama prefecture, Studio D’Artisan are celebrating their 30th Anniversary in true style with the release of their 30th Edition jeans.

The brand boasts being stocked at fine establishments such as Self Edge in New York and at the very relevant style emporium PRESENT, based in east London . The 30th Edition jeans are made from 17oz Japanese selvedge denim and dyed with Natural Indigo, the "Kase Zome" dyeing technique is repeated up to 30 times on each of the 200 limited pairs which have been produced, which provides the deep colour. Other refined features include "Tri-colour selvedge intertwined with gold Lame, triple needle dual-colour chain stitching", and pocket bags lined with the 30th Anniversary Jacquard lining. 

But its not all denim and indigo dyeing, also available as part of the 'Big 30' offering is the premium grade organic cotton jumper limited to only 180 pieces, each produced using the vintage loopwheel process (a technique Nike use on their premium sportswear produced in Japan) to achieve an extremely soft garment.

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